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Separador Terms of Use and Service What are the Terms of Service?

The Terms of Service are a description of the Services that the owner of a website grants to their users, and the conditions under which those services are offered.

Online Game Purchase

SpiritVG offers its visitors the possibility of purchasing games created by the company itself or by third parties.

By paying an established quantity for each game, the user is granted a license for the personal use of the full version of that game. Such payment will be done through a third company.

SpiritVG therefore does not collect or store any kind of financial information about their users and is not responsible for any problems derived from the transaction with the billing company.

After purchasing the license, the user will receive an e-mail with a link to the full version of the game, and a key code to authenticate the copy. SpiritVG will maintain the active link providing the user downloads the game only for his/her personal use.

The terms of use of the particular product will be visible during the installation, and will never influence or be influenced by the terms of service and use of this web site.

Demo Versions

SpiritVG offers visitors the chance to download demo versions of the full games, so the user may gain an understanding the final experience of the game.

Demo versions will be obtained by download.

SpiritVG forbides external linking to the demo version or any other resources in the page, or the upload of them to any other place, without the written permission of SpiritVG.

SpiritVG is committed to make all necessary effort to ensure the demo versions clearly and accurately represent the final product.

As with the full versions, the terms of use of the particular product will be visible during the installation, and will never influence or be influenced by the terms of service and use of this web site.


SpiritVG grants its users a 60 day money back guarantee from the date of payment of the full cost of a game in these cases:

SpiritVG will not refund the payment without a solid reason from the user, such as subjective reasons or not fitting particular purposes.


The SpiritVG forums are the preferred place to ask for help and solutions, especially where the answers can benefit other users.

Therefore, technical questions, gameplay questions, or even opinion on SpiritVG games should be posted at the forums. Here at SpiritVG we are committed to solve them publicly so that every SpiritVG user has access to the answers when needed.

Some questions published on the forums may be solved through private messaging, but this will never be the preferred option. Private questions should be asked through the Contact Form.

Please use this link to visit our Privacy Policy page. There you will find full information on our forums.


The main purpose of the SpiritVG blog is to offer our users a place to access news on our activities and promotions.

Blog publications allow comments from any guest. These comments will be published instantly, but may be deleted if they contain racism, sexism, explicit obscene content, or in any way harm any person or entity, including SpiritVG itself.

Tell a Friend

The blog also offers the opportunity to subscribe, both to new entries or to the comments of each entry, through usual subscription systems such as RSS.

The Tell a Friend Form allows our users to obtain discount coupons for SpiritVG products. The products affected and the actual conditions will be shown on the Tell a Friend Form itself.

The form requires the user to type in both their e-mail address and the e-mail address of a friend in the relevant text fields. These e-mail addresses will not be included in any mailing list, nor in any other marketing system. These will only be used to send the user and their friend their respective discount coupons.

Contact Form

The Contact Us Form is intended for personal or private questions to SpiritVG. These questions will usually be attended to within 72 hours, although more complex questions may take more time to be answered.

Technical or gameplay questions, or any other kind of question that may affect all SpiritVG users, should be addressed to the SpiritVG Boards. Please only address personal and private queries to the Contact Us Form.

External Linking

SpiritVG forbids the external linking of any graphical or binary resources without the express and written permission of SpiritVG.

Law and Jurisdiction

Any eventuality not covered by these terms, or any claim about the interpretation of the present Terms of Use, shall be governed by Spanish law and should be brought to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

The original language of this document is Castilian, and this version will therefore be prioritized when discussing any contingency.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us. Yours sincerely:

The Staff of SpiritVG


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